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                                                          Welcome to Agi  Language and Culture School !!!

                                                                                         EXPANDING YOUR CULTURE TO THE WORLD

                                                                                  You have many choices for English study.

                                                            So why study English at Agi  Language and Culture School  ? 


It is the right atmosphere to learn English quickly. Our group classes have a maximum of 8 students. You have the option of a daily private lesson with 1 student and 1 teacher. You can choose the classes that match your goals in English. The teachers and administrators are professional, dedicated and caring. We truly take care of our students. Our activity program for students helps you enjoy your time at Agi Language and Culture School. We will help you meet your personal, academic and career goals at Agi  Language and Culture  School.


Come and study English at the Agi Language and Culture School! Learn from experienced sensitive teachers, in a safe and comfortable place, and make some great friends from around the world!


Welcome to our web site. As you explore this site, I hope you gain a better understanding of  Agi Language and culture School (Almaty) and what it offers.  We encourage and welcome visitors to our school, so they can see firsthand why our students enjoy their school so much.  We can help you to study for  Abroad qualification, take an exam, develop your English skills, or connect with other professionals.



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